Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sweet Raiden - MGS4 Figumate Photos

This costume is near and dear to my heart- it took me to Japan after all!  When I first saw the Sweet Snake figurine set, I fell in love with how adorable each of the figurines was, and when my friend Jill said she was doing Sweet Snake, I knew I wanted to do Raiden.  Hatsuu later joined us as the adorable Sweet Ocelot.  I had a lot of fun cosplaying with them!

I heard about a Kojima signing at Comic Con and a supposed cosplay contest for Metal Gear.  I figured the contest was a joke because I'd never heard of anything like that before, and just showed up to the signing hoping to get my costume signed.  I never did get it signed, but the contest turned out to be real-- and the surprise prize was a trip to Tokyo Game Show.  I later won the Kojima Productions Award with this costume at TGS and was told I increased sales of the figurines by Kojima himself.  Not bad at all!

2010.07.01_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 01) 087f
2010.07.01_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 01) 110s
2010.07.01_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 01) 038
2010.07.01_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 01) 063f

Thanks for looking!


  1. Feeric!

    I loved the costume. The way that you create your work is so imaginative! Great!

  2. LOVE EM! 8DDD i did my own otacon figumate cosplay too!

  3. You looked SO cool! I found out Comic con 2010 video and saw you own the contest, it was awesome! I hope I have chance to even try cosplay once.. I'm SO afraid to dress up >_< None of my friends into this..*sigh* I really enjoyed your photos, brava! ^^

  4. You're one of the best cosplayers I've ever seen (and unfairly attractive!! xD)