Thursday, October 21, 2010

Selvaria Bles & Radi Jaeger - Valkyria Chronicles

My big project for 2010 was putting together these two costumes. 

For Selvaria, I remade the blouse a few times with different materials to get the correct fit.  I had custom embroidered fleur de lis made for the cuffs, which were made from velvet.  Additional cuff details were made with trim and gold puffy paint.  The pattern on the pants was painstakingly hand-drawn, but they're my pride and joy!  The knee pads were made from craft foam.  For the lance and shield, my husband created a foam and wood base based on blueprints we both worked on.  I took the base pieces and covered them with individually cut pieces of craft foam which were later sealed and painted.  It took many, many hours for me to do that!

For Radi Jaeger, I hand seamed the fabric for the coat to match the pattern and used the same velvet seen on Selvaria's cuffs for the front of it.  I then crafted the skull, which had a plastic roast chicken as a base--a perfect example of creativity when it comes to cosplay!  For the metallic vest, I sewed craft foam together, sealed it, applied stud detailing, and painted it.  My husband made his own gauntlet, and we both worked on the thigh armor.

2010.07.03_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 03) 0670
2010.07.03_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 03) 0648
2010.07.03_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 03) 0685
2010.07.03_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 03) 0628

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Old Snake - Metal Gear Solid 4 Photos

Two and a half weeks before we left for Tokyo Game Show, my husband asked me to make him an Old Snake to wear at TGS.  I made the entire Octocamo suit, and my husband made/sourced everything else (except for the Solid Eye, which our gracious friend Jill lent to us to help us save time).

Getting a suit this complicated finished in such a short amount of time was hell, but I'm so happy with the results!  It includes padded and seamed detailing, optical sensors (washers), and two types of white text applied with custom stamps.  The only thing I'd really like to improve is my husband's old age makeup-- we're always running out of time when I apply it, so I can't make it dark enough/contoured enough.  It doesn't help that he's got perfect skin to start with either...

2011.03.26_Anime-Conji 840

2011.03.26_Anime-Conji 838

2011.03.26_Anime-Conji 778

2011.03.26_Anime-Conji 766

2011.03.26_Anime-Conji 852

2011.03.26_Anime-Conji 807

2011.03.26_Anime-Conji 832

2011.03.26_Anime-Conji 752










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Sweet Raiden - MGS4 Figumate Photos

This costume is near and dear to my heart- it took me to Japan after all!  When I first saw the Sweet Snake figurine set, I fell in love with how adorable each of the figurines was, and when my friend Jill said she was doing Sweet Snake, I knew I wanted to do Raiden.  Hatsuu later joined us as the adorable Sweet Ocelot.  I had a lot of fun cosplaying with them!

I heard about a Kojima signing at Comic Con and a supposed cosplay contest for Metal Gear.  I figured the contest was a joke because I'd never heard of anything like that before, and just showed up to the signing hoping to get my costume signed.  I never did get it signed, but the contest turned out to be real-- and the surprise prize was a trip to Tokyo Game Show.  I later won the Kojima Productions Award with this costume at TGS and was told I increased sales of the figurines by Kojima himself.  Not bad at all!

2010.07.01_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 01) 087f
2010.07.01_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 01) 110s
2010.07.01_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 01) 038
2010.07.01_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 01) 063f

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1942 "Bombshell" Cammy White - Street Fighter Photos

The nice folks at Meatbun were nice enough to send me a 1942 Cammy shirt because they liked my Delta Red version.  I thought it was super cute and made it for SDCC 2010.  It was a fast project, but comfortable and fun to wear.

IMG_3924-Edit  AX2010FINAL
IMG_3892-Edit  AX2010
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Cammy White - Street Fighter Photos

This was a simple costume to put together.  The only trouble I had with this costume was the gauntlets-- they weren't sealed well and got red paint all over my arms.  After I wore them, everyone asked if I had gotten hurt!

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