Thursday, October 21, 2010

Selvaria Bles & Radi Jaeger - Valkyria Chronicles

My big project for 2010 was putting together these two costumes. 

For Selvaria, I remade the blouse a few times with different materials to get the correct fit.  I had custom embroidered fleur de lis made for the cuffs, which were made from velvet.  Additional cuff details were made with trim and gold puffy paint.  The pattern on the pants was painstakingly hand-drawn, but they're my pride and joy!  The knee pads were made from craft foam.  For the lance and shield, my husband created a foam and wood base based on blueprints we both worked on.  I took the base pieces and covered them with individually cut pieces of craft foam which were later sealed and painted.  It took many, many hours for me to do that!

For Radi Jaeger, I hand seamed the fabric for the coat to match the pattern and used the same velvet seen on Selvaria's cuffs for the front of it.  I then crafted the skull, which had a plastic roast chicken as a base--a perfect example of creativity when it comes to cosplay!  For the metallic vest, I sewed craft foam together, sealed it, applied stud detailing, and painted it.  My husband made his own gauntlet, and we both worked on the thigh armor.

2010.07.03_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 03) 0670
2010.07.03_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 03) 0648
2010.07.03_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 03) 0685
2010.07.03_Anime Expo 2010 (Day 03) 0628


  1. vilaboimre5@hotmail.comDecember 2, 2010 at 12:57 PM

    Amazing. I'm from Brazil, i'm looking for wallapers of Valkyria Chronicles and i'm found your photos in devianart. The realism,is AMAZING! And you are so FEERIC!

    Love your art! Now i'm your fan.

    Luciano Vilaboim

  2. Classic. Excellent job on the costume that accentuates your beauty. Your husband is a lucky man.

    Fantastic choice of source material.

  3. Truly astounding work here; a great antithesis to the weeaboo adage, "Westerners can't cosplay."

    Out of curiosity, though... was something added around the upper torso to greater resemble Selvaria's physique?

    [And in case you're somehow not aware, the comments (including this one) that you will probably see over the next few days are most likely the result of kind old Kotaku publicity.]

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  6. The material you chose for the pants is amazing! Love the attention paid to the small details.

  7. seriously those leggins/ tights you are wearing are smokin HOT!!!! wow!