Monday, August 1, 2011

Laughing Beauty - Metal Gear Solid 4

I was planning on completing MGS4 Raiden for Comic Con 2011, but when Konami asked me to judge their cosplay contest, I put that project down to make something I could judge in.  I chose to do Laughing Beauty because I already had usable fabric on hand, it would be something comfortable enough to judge in, and it was a costume I was already planning on doing in the future. 

This costume was made with wet look spandex and 4-way stretch vinyl.  I rush ordered custom stamps to put on all the white text and barcode detailing.  For more information on the sewing aspect, check out this blog entry.

I only had about 3 or 4 work days, so there are a number of things that were incomplete or need to be redone.  In the future, I plan on making the correct gloves, styling the wig better, and maybe even tinting the dark grey fabric to make the contrast more drastic.  Also, while all the white text is there, it isn't as clean as I'd like and I plan on redoing it.  For the time crunch, I am happy with it!

Photos by Eric Ng and Mike Rollerson


  1. Is there SOME WAY to get you involved with my cosplay site?? I've been searching for a team of cosplay creators to fulfill custom orders. I've been turning down work for months. Do you know anyone who'd want a lot of cosplay work?

  2. This turned out lovely! Just curious though, where did you find your fabric? Its just perfect

  3. This close-fitting cosplay costume looks a little bit sexy and cool, in a word, not bad!!!

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